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A pre-surgical evaluation should do much more than simply green light you for surgery. At RevaMed Primary Care Associates in Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, and Greenacres, Florida, the dedicated medical team offers thorough, preoperative evaluations to help your surgery and recovery go as smoothly as possible. To learn more about the pre-surgical evaluations they offer, call your nearest office.

Pre-Surgical Evaluations Q & A

What are pre-surgical evaluations?

During and after surgery, your body is put under stress. The first goal of a pre-surgical evaluation is to see that your body is ready for that stress. This measure ensures you don’t undergo any treatments that would expose you to undue health risks.

With a pre-surgical evaluation, you can rest easy knowing your heart, lungs, and your body’s healing processes are ready for the surgery and the healing process that comes afterward. 

But RevaMed Primary Care Associates doesn’t stop there. They also analyze your current health. Knowing the state of your body allows the RevaMed Primary Care Associates team to put necessary safeguards in place.

Based on their pre-surgical evaluation, they recommend preventive measures to help you avoid complications after your surgery and to speed your healing, shortening both your hospital stay and your recovery period. 

What should I expect during a pre-surgical evaluation?

Your pre-surgical evaluation will feel similar to your annual exam at RevaMed Primary Care Associates. They use the same thorough, personalized approach to get a complete understanding of both acute and chronic conditions that could be affecting your body. 

Identifying these conditions enables them to analyze the role they will play in your surgery. This way, they can inform your surgeon about any heightened risk or possible complications so they can prepare properly, increasing the likelihood of a positive surgical outcome. 

Who needs a pre-surgical evaluation?

In many cases, the surgeon who is performing your procedure recommends the pre-surgical evaluation. This evaluation is particularly important for patients with increased risk of complications, like those with chronic conditions and seniors. 

RevaMed Primary Care Associates specializes in senior care and chronic condition management, so they’re positioned well to understand the impact your surgical procedure may have on your unique body. 

Even if the pre-surgical evaluation hasn’t been specifically recommended to you, it can help you gain peace of mind going into your operation. The RevaMed Primary Care Associates team is available to help you both physically and mentally prepare for your surgery. 

To schedule your pre-surgical evaluation, call RevaMed Primary Care Associates or book online.